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We've spent considerable time and effort to testing all of our compatible cartridges for your Samsung printer. Making 100% sure is our priority.

Toner & Drum
    ML-1210D3     ML-1610D3     ML-1710D3     ML-2010D3
    ML-2150D8     ML-2250D5     ML-2550DA     ML-3560DB
    ML-4500D3     ML-6060D6     ML-D1630A     ML-D2850B
    ML-D3050B     ML-D3470B     MLT-D101S     MLT-D104S
    MLT-D105L     MLT-D108S     MLT-D109S     MLT-D111S
    MLT-D208L     MLT-D209L     SCX-4100D3     SCX-4216D3
    SCX-4521D3     SCX-4720D5     SCX-5312D6     SCX-6320D8
    SCX-D4200A     SCX-D4725A     SCX-D5530B     SF-550D3
    SF-6800D6     SF-D560RA     TDR-510P
Color Toner & Drum
    CLP-300     CLP-315     CLP-320     CLP-350
    CLP-500     CLP-510     CLP-600     CLP-620
    CLP-660     CLP-770

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